Friday, 22 December 2017


Hello Everyone!

Today I have a mixed media inverted canvas that I would like to share with you all using a selection of Powertex products.

I started off with a 12" x 9" canvas which I decided to invert to ring the changes.  This creates a lovely frame to use as a feature. 
Ivory Powertex was used throughout the project. 
I decided to use a variety of fabrics to create texture and these included cotton sheeting around the framework and as you know this creates some really lovely pleating which is how I created the draping on the corners.  I also used hessian on the background as this added a rustic look.

As you can see I have used lots of plaster moulds to add all the detailed pieces including the frame, face, cogs, screws and flowers.  I also included a few die cuts which included the main clock.
Sand and balls in different sizes added interest and dimension in the right top corner.

Easy structure through a few patterned masks created more interest on the frame.

The theme of the canvas was Time so I chose a phrase that I felt sums it up very well.
A mixture of Scrabble letters, printing from the PC and wooden letters added variety in the way that I added the words.  Glossy accents were then put over the top to protect the letters and also add thickness and gloss.

When it came around to colouring I have been itching to try out the new inks from Powertex and I am loving how they were so easy to apply and how effective and bright. It really made the project pop !
a little Violet Colourtrix finished the project off a treat and highlighted specific areas.

I hope that you have enjoyed checking this project out and that it has inspired you to have a go at an inverted canvas.
Bye for now,
Jo :) x

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Remembrance Powertex Project

Hello Again!

I know blogging has been shocking! I'm sorry but back on track Again!!  and very much sorted ! lol

It is my pleasure to bring you a Powertex project that I have been working on for one of the most important dates in the annual calendar - Remembrance Sunday. 

First of all I planned out what I wanted to include in the project with the main feature being the Poppy.  These are a few of the recycled items that I started out with before I added any Powertex products.
Cardboard, an empty plastic trifle dish and a pen.

The pen casing became the bullets which were wrapped in fabric and then covered in Bronze Powertex.

 The cardboard became the base and the ground and this was also covered in fabric and Bronze Powertex.  Areas of the base were built up to give the idea of muddy fields. Dry brushing added texture and definition.

Then the red Powertex came out and 3 layers of bed sheeting was cut out and soaked for each Poppy. Quite a slow job but well worth it.  I used an empty chocolate tray to place the wet Poppies in so that they could take shape whilst air drying. The poppies then had the middles added with black acrylic paint and glossy accents.

The cross was sculpted out of polystyrene and then covered in Stoneart powder and Ivory Powertex. I wanted to achieve a rugged effect. Stoneart is one of my favourite techniques from Powertex.

A little close up shot of some of the bullets, a little faux barbed wire and the river of poppies.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking around my Remembrance project and it has inspired you to use your Powertex products to make a mixed media project of your own.

All products that I have used in the project are available from our website and if you have any questions or would like to take part in a Powertex workshop please don't hesitate to get in touch on Facebook or email me on

Thankyou so much for popping to check out the blog
and will be back really soon with another project.
Bye for now
Jo :)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

It has been a while!


Well I know its been a while but I'm back and will be returning to blog on a regular basis with lots of crafty makes including papercraft, scrapbooking, home d├ęcor, mixed media and most important all of my projects using the fabulous Powertex!

I think, some of us, since we have had Facebook have neglected our blogs and posting our crafty makes and passing on inspiration and information.  I aim to rectify this and blog at least once a week! and will let you know so you don't miss anything!

As you know, I'm sure, my crafting has taken another turn as both Mark and myself have been involved in the wonderful world of Powertex! We have both become certified tutors and I have also had the privilege of joining the Powertex Design Team and also representing the company on HOCHANDA. My blog posts won't always be centered around Powertex but when they are they will also be published on the Powertex Design Team Blog so that all you lovely addicts can have a peep at what we have been doing.

Anyhow, to kick off re-starting my blog I am going to share with you a Powertex project that I have been working on for my show last week.

I have used one of the kits that we had on the show called the Home Deco Art set.  I have used a 30cm x 30cm canvas frame and then with my Bronze Powertex and my Stoneart powder I have created the Stoneart effect as the background of the piece.  The realistic effect that it gives you is incredible and I am loving working with these particular products to create the look that we have got.

This is a couple of close up shots of one of the flowers that I have made to embellish the stoneart canvas.  The flowers are made from Stoneart clay which has been made using the Ivory Powertex and the Stoneart powder mixing equal amounts together and creating a clay that has a pastry like consistency. Keep mixing until your gloves (or fingers) do not stick to the clay and then you will be ok to start using the clay for whatever project you want.  In this case I have used the Daisy and matching leaf moulds that are exclusive to Powertex and can be found on their website.  (When using Ivory Powertex to make clay it is also suggested that you mix in a little of the Translucent Powertex with the ivory as this helps with the correct consistency.) The clay will last for several weeks if you keep it in a airtight container so if you mix too much up keep it for another project.
I left the flowers and leaves to airdry for a few hours and then used by Powertex Powders mixed into a little Ivory Powertex to create a lovely powder blue colour and then sponged this on to colour up the Daisy flowers.  The leaves were done in a similar way using the Green powder and then dry brushed over using some of the Colourtrix Green which gives this fabulous colour. I just added a little yellow to the middles to finish the flowers off.
For the rest of the canvas I used texture fabrics dipped into Ivory Powertex and also a variety of sizes from the sand and balls kit to add interest and lots of dimension.
I hope that you have been inspired to have a go at the Stoneart both for making backgrounds and for making clay to make embellishments and more texture to your projects.
It really is a lovely project to get your teeth into and the end result is so satisfying!
Please send photographs into the Powertex Addicts Facebook page to show us all what you have been getting up to, we love it when everyone shares their work.
I will be back with another project soon but, for the time being, enjoy your crafting and
bye for now,
Jo x