Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Huge Thankyou!!!

Hello Everyone

Back in the land of the living and total and absolute freedom with the lap top .....  Yes!!!!!
Everything is going really well and I ventured out to the shop on Saturday.  We had a fabulous demo with Hel's Sheridan going on and I needed .........  yes needed ........... to get a fix.  3 weeks of clean hands and no ink anywhere has been more difficult than getting used to low fat food!!!! lol.

I would like to take this opportunity of saying a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for all their fabulous cards, flowers, gifts and blog good wishes I have been so warmed by everyone and feel that a recovery has definately been quickened by everyone being sooooooo kind.  The crafting world is an amazing place to belong and I am so pleased to be part of it.

Mark took a photograph of all my beautiful flowers that I have been sent and here it is

and some of my fabulous cards 

This really doesn't show all of them and how gorgeous they all were - you are a clever lot and they really kept my spirits up - they are all in a lovely box I couldn't possibly part with them.

I would also like to say a huge thankyou to Karen and Jac for being there for Mark when he needed help to keep our little empire ticking we are both so grateful.

I am going back to the shop tomorrow - can't wait to get stuck in! (I know before you say it I will take it steady - well for at least an hour!!! joking!) 
I am booked to do a demo at my own shop!!! on Saturday 27th showcasing Let's Create's new stamp range designed by the very talented Maria Maidment  - I am so excited about this. 
If you have time please pop by tomorrow as I will be putting them on here with some fabulous samples and I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Thankyou again to everyone 
and LET'S CRAFT!!!
Until tomorrow bye for now
Jo xxx


  1. Jo, pleased to hear you are on the mend and sorry to hear you needed surgery. I had this surgery back in 1993 and I was told by the Surgeon that it's like doing the washing-up without washing-up liquid ie keep higly fatty foods or spicy foods to a minimum or cut out altogether. To this day I struggle if I eat anything too fatty - what go into details how - but some people can tolerate fatty foods or spicy foods after surgery as my mum could. To be honest they weren't part of my diet anyway as I am an ex-chef so I don't miss things. Just eat a good balanced diet and you should be feeling better very soon. Take care, Kym xxx PS If I can be of any help let me know

    1. Thankyou so much Kym, I really appreciate your comments about the diet and what a clever way to describe what happens without one! I must say I have stuck to what I am allowed as I dont want to upset everything when they are going in the right direction!!! Thx Jo xx

  2. Glad to hear you're on the mend Jo
    Take care xXx

  3. Glad to hear you are out and about and I know myself what that kind of op does to you after having the same myself. I'm so sure you will be doing as your told(LOL). We are all fine and really settled in now. House is just being adapted so will be ready for about threee months time(at last!!!).Great profile pic by the way and hope everyone is fine there
    x catherine

  4. so glad you are recovering well. Your flowers and cards all look fabulous xx

  5. So pleased you are recovering well Jo. I had this op by keyhole surgery in 2000 and my consultant told me I would be able to eat anything after and not have a problem - and he was right. We are all different, you just have to listen to your body, but I know quite a few people who have also had the surgery and all soon got back to normal...take it slowly and easy and you will be fine! I heard your email in to Joanna's show the other day, Carole Z XX

  6. Hi Jo Glad to here you are back in the land of crafting at last your blog as be sadly missed hope to see you when i next come to the shop
    love and hugs
    Pauline B

  7. Hello my lovely. I am so pleased you are on the mend and getting back to normal. Will be lovely to see you on Saturday again, and maybe a few minutes to have a natter, because it seems ages since we been in touch.
    Lots of love. Xxx